Life Starts All Over Again When it Gets Crisp in the Fall

Title: Life Starts All Over Again When it Gets Crisp in the Fall
Author: hey_mister_dj (thnksfrthwilliam on AO3 and queerbriel on tumblr)
Artist: queerpanic
Pairing (if any): Sam/Jess, Sam/Gabe/Jess (in that vein also Sam/Gabriel and Gabriel/Jess)
Rating: Mature
Word count: ~17.5K
Warnings/Spoilers: Sexual content (threesome including cunnilingus, anal, and rimming), underage drinking,
Summary: Sam and Jess are the all-American Power Couple on campus. Gabriel is a Gatsby-esque playboy. They meet at a party and there's a spark that none of them were expecting. What blooms from that meeting is something more than they could have predicted, but they're all incredibly happy with the outcome.
Link to fic: Here on AO3
Link to art: Here on Tumblr
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French Toast and Psychosis

Title: French Toast and Psychosis

Author: darth_firefly

Artist: kidezt


Pairing (if any): Dean/Gabriel, mentions of Sam/Bela


Word count:24,302

Warnings/Spoilers: Mentions of child abuse (nothing graphic), cancer

Summary: It was just supposed to be a weekend get-away. Doctor Gabriel Armstrong was looking forward to his semi-annual weekend off to de-stress from his job as a psychiatrist. He certainly wasn't looking for a weekend fling. Dean Winchester has been doing a good job of hiding his burn-out from running his diner and taking care of his brother Sam, who's battling leukemia. He was sent off for the weekend, kicking and screaming. He definitely wasn't looking for anything out of the weekend other than a nice massage. What neither of them know is that they're already connected - by one of Gabriel's patients, Emma Crowe.

Link to Fic:Live Journal and on AO3

Link to art:Art Here


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Title: The Lucky Ones

Author: winnywriter
Artist: moonbirdie (AKA quercusrubra)
Beta: ewbiemoons
Pairing (if any): Sam/Gabriel
Rating: R
Word count: ~42k
Warnings/Spoilers: No spoilers. Warnings for underage drinking, past drug use and drug addiction, some current drug use (only pot), past character death, panic attacks and a slight age difference.
Summary: Sam is running away. Running from his past, from his future, from everything that seems to be going wrong in hislife. It seems like all he has to look forward to are long stretches of road and desert in front of him. That is until a stranger in a beat up old pickup truck stops on the side of the road and asks him if he needs a ride.
Link to fic: Here!
Link to art: Here!

Carry That Weight Masterpost

Title: Carry That Weight

Author: scarlet_gryphon (Aka anenchantedloom over on Tumblr)

Artist: sharys_aogail and ziarenete13x

Beta: sarcastic_fi and Alyssa

Pairing (if any): Sam/Gabriel, minor Dean/Cas and Bobby/Jody

Genre/Tropes Sentinel/Guide AU, pining, willfully oblivious!Sam

Rating: PG-13/Teen

Word count: 24,709

Warnings/Spoilers: Slight misuse of alcohol, but nothing you wouldn't see on the show. Gabriel's a lightweight.

Summary: Sam doesn't want a Guide. Gabriel has no choice but to be his. The road to love (or even like) never has run smooth.

Steampunk-fantasy Sentinel/Guide AU fusion. Sabriel with v. minor background Destiel. Written for the Gabriel Big Bang 2014.

Link to fic: Carry That Weight (On AO3)

Link to art: Art by sharys_aogail; Art by Ziranete13x (she also did the wonderful title cards and fic banner). Youtube Music Playlist by Scarlet_gryphon

The Weight of Living masterpost

Title: The Weight of Living
Beta: Ivy and Darcy
Pairing (if any): Sam/Gabriel
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word count: 19k
Warnings/Spoilers: Angst, I guess? Fluff that resolves all the angst, open ending (might write some more for it later on but it is a completed fic)
Summary: Sam and Gabriel have been inseparable since Gabriel saved Sam's ass from some bullies in elementary school. But everything changes with an ill-timed kiss at a New Year's Party, and all Gabriel can see wherever he looks is old memories of him and Sam. Now, Gabriel is left tail-spinning, drowning his sorrows at a bar and reliving some of Sam's and his greatest hits. Everything seems to have taken a turn for the worse, and then the greatest tragedy of all strikes. Gabriel's always heard it said that the darkest hour is before the dawn, but him and Sam are so tangled up in heartache and self-destructive tendencies that Gabriel has no idea how any of it will end. AKA the all-human AU where Gabriel is a pining best friend, Sam is an oblivious dork, and there are all the romantic, gushy cliche's that we all love and live for. Also, Gabriel really should have just convinced Sam to take that road trip with him.
Link to art: on LJ || on tumblr
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A Thin Thread

Title: A Thin Thread

Author: kdheart

Artist: scherziato and thette

Beta: thette

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam, Dean/Castiel(/Benny)

Genre/Tropes: soul bond

Rating: PG-13

Word count: 15960

Warnings/Spoilers: Season 7 and Benny for season 8

Summary: Stuck in Purgatory after his death, Gabriel discovers he still has a connection to the world of the living - Sam Winchester. After Purgatory, the most boring and unchanging place next to Heaven gets turned on its head by the stunts pulled by Castiel, he decides it's time to get out and he needs Sam's help to do it.

Link to fic: AO3

Link to art: thette's illustrations and scherziato's animated banner