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Gabriel Big Bang - round 5! Sign-ups now open.

Guess what time of year it is? That's right - time to agonise over whether to sign up for yet another fic challenge! But this isn't just any old big bang (if there is such a thing) - this one is centred on everybody's favourite archangel-cum-trickster, who would definitely be sniggering right now over the fact that I said cum even though he was around long before Latin was invented and knows perfectly well that cum means with, Gabriel!

So where is Gabriel right now? Did he really die - is he in Purgatory, or does he need to be reconstituted from his various component atoms, possibly with the help of a certain Indian goddess who still has his blood? Or has he been shirking any kind of moral responsibility and hiding out on a beach somewhere all this time, stubbornly not listening to any of the assorted sounds of chaos created by Winchester and angel and Leviathan around the world? Or does Metatron have him trapped after all, because he foolishly believes he can out-trick the Trickster?

Or is he in an AU? Serving pina colada tofu to the cast and crew of SPN over lunch? Pretending to be married to his best friend for plot reasons? Stuck with a motley assortment of characters in a train that's broken down in the middle of nowhere, with something trying to get in from outside? A demon god or dragon or powerful but lazy sorcerer in a fantasy world, who suddenly finds himself confronted by a fiercely stubborn human knight demanding to know what Gabriel did with his brother? Or did one of them just text the wrong number while drunk, and now they just keep right on texting?

WRITE ALL THE THINGS you know you want to.

Do please note one important thing: this challenge is no longer being run from LJ. We're now based at tumblr, over here. Important announcements will still appear on this comm, and since the sign-ups are done by google docs you don't need a tumblr, but it will be simpler if you do. Plus, then you get to chatter with other participants in the #gbb2015 tag!

Minimum requirements are 15k words for authors and one 500x500px piece of art (or 1-minute fanvid) for artists. Fic drafts are due mid-March and posting starts towards the end of April, so those of you signed up for DCBB or the lovely Sabriel big bang, there shouldn't be too much of a clash there.

FAQs, rules, and timeline are over here. To sign up as an author, please fill out this form, and this one for artists.

Sign-ups begin: September 14, 2014

Writer sign-ups end: November 23, 2014
First check-in: January 6, 2015
Second check-in/post a snippet: February 1, 2015
Completed drafts and summaries due: March 15, 2015
Art sign-ups end: March 17, 2015
Art claims: March 18, 2015
Art drafts due: April 19, 2015
Posting begins on: April 26, 2015

If you've got any concerns or questions about the process feel free to comment on this post, but this is not where you sign up. :)

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