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GBB 2014 masterpost

And that's a wrap!

Thanks, everybody, for another wonderful year. Happy reading, and well done all!


[“Flux”: 16k, PG, gen, luorescence & sl_walker.]

Title: Flux

Author: luorescence (luorescence on tumblr)

Artist: sl_walker (sl_walker on tumblr)

Pairing: Gen, though with mentions of Gabriel/Ezekiel

Word count: 16k

Rating: PG

Genres and tropes: Norse mythology, Loki story.

Summary: Gabriel has been out of Heaven for five years now and living a fairly good life in the Nord Kingdom since, the Host just don’t know it yet. The universe hates him, though, and decides to make him cross paths with Balthazar, one of the few that would be able to see through his disguise. It goes without saying he needs a new vessel fast, one nobody will recognize - and he’s been told Loki’s the only one who can/will help.

Link to art.


[“Broken Mirrors”: 26k, NC17, Gabriel/Sam, velocitym1 & captain_d_leet.]

Title: Broken Mirrors

Author: velocitym1 (litrastoriesandsounds on tumblr, litra on AO3)

Artist: captain_d_leet (captain_d_leet on tumblr)

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel

Word count: 26k

Rating: NC17

Genres and tropes: Hurt/comfort, fix-it

Summary: Gabriel has been stuck in that DVD the whole time and it isn’t until Sam watches through to the end that he escapes. Only by then Sam is all alone, and with Dean and Cas fallen victim to exploding Dick, he breaks down. Gabriel knows about loss, and knows that being alone is one of the worst things in the world when you really need a shoulder to cry on. Healing is rarely easy and never fast.

Link to art.


[“Luck”: 32k, NC17, Gabriel/Balthazar, write_rewrite & burdenedbones.]

Title: Luck

Author: write_rewrite (hopiecat on tumblr)

Artist: burdenedbones (aiulbones on tumblr)

Pairing: Gabriel/Balthazar

Word count: 32k

Rating: NC17

Genres and tropes: Historical AU (WWI)

Summary: Gabriel Novak counts on his luck to get him through all the hard roads, and it’s never failed him yet. He manages to get out of Dodge quick enough to put his past behind him, and for a while, lives in England with relative peace. Then the war swings around, and Gabriel’s in the midst of the fighting, the marching, the bloodshed and the dead, and he starts to think that, maybe, being lucky isn’t the great gift he thought it’d be.

Link to art.


[“A Thin Thread”: 16k, PG, Sam/Gabriel, kdheart, scherziato, & thette.]

Title: A Thin Thread

Author: kdheart (kd-heart on tumblr)

Artists: scherziato (drawsshits on tumblr) and thette (thette on tumblr)

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel(/Benny)

Word count: 16k

Rating: PG

Genres and tropes: Purgatory fic, soul bond

Summary: Stuck in Purgatory after his death, Gabriel discovers he still has a connection to the world of the living - Sam Winchester. After Purgatory, the most boring and unchanging place next to Heaven gets turned on its head by the stunts pulled by Castiel, he decides it’s time to get out and he needs Sam’s help to do it.

Link to art by thette / art by scherziato.


[“Nemo titulum istum”: 18k, NC17, Sam/Gabriel, aria_lerendeair & samaelsammy.]

Title: Nemo titulum istum interpretari scit

Author: aria_lerendeair (aria-lerendeair on tumblr)

Artist: samaelsammy (samaelsammy on tumblr)

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel

Word count: 18k

Rating: NC17

Genres and tropes: Stripper AU, some angst, happy ending

Summary: Gabriel is a stripper at one of the hottest nightclubs in the city. So when he meets Sam, hottest dude of his unknown dreams, he has to take advantage of him. Over and over again. Falling for him was never part of the plan…but it happened anyways.

Link to art.


[“The Weight of Living”: 19k, PG, Sam/Gabriel, carelessshipper, stardustmote, & flannel4lyfe.]

Title: The Weight of Living

Author: carelessshipper (dean_n_pie on AO3, demxndean on tumblr)

Artists: stardustmote (stardustmote on tumblr) and flannel4lyfe (sams-hams on tumblr)

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel

Word count: 19k

Rating: PG

Genres and tropes: High school AU, pining

Summary: Sam and Gabriel have been inseparable since Gabriel saved Sam’s ass from some bullies in elementary school. But everything changes with an ill-timed kiss at a New Year’s Party, and all Gabriel can see wherever he looks is old memories of him and Sam. Now, Gabriel is left tail-spinning, drowning his sorrows at a bar and reliving some of Sam’s and his greatest hits. Everything seems to have taken a turn for the worse, and then the greatest tragedy of all strikes. Gabriel’s always heard it said that the darkest hour is before the dawn, but him and Sam are so tangled up in heartache and self-destructive tendencies that Gabriel has no idea how any of it will end. AKA the all-human AU where Gabriel is a pining best friend, Sam is an oblivious dork, and there are all the romantic, gushy cliche’s that we all love and live for. Also, Gabriel really should have just convinced Sam to take that road trip with him.

Link to art by stardustmote / art by sams-hams.


[“Carry that weight”: 25k, PG, Sam/Gabriel, scarlet_gryphon, sharys_aogail, and ziarenete13x.]

Title: Carry That Weight

Author: scarlet_gryphon (anenchantedloom on tumblr)

Artists: sharys_aogail (sharysisnhmoonshadow on tumblr) and ziarenete13x (angelicdiaspora on tumblr)

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, minor Dean/Cas and Bobby/Jody

Word count: 25k

Rating: PG

Genres and tropes: Sentinel/Guide AU, pining, steampunk, fantasy

Summary: Sam doesn’t want a Guide. Gabriel has no choice but to be his. The road to love (or even like) never has run smooth. Steampunk-fantasy Sentinel/Guide AU fusion. Sabriel with v. minor background Destiel.

Link to art by sharys-aogail / art by x, and youtube music playlist by the author.


[“The Lucky Ones”: 42k, R, Sam/Gabriel, winnywriter & moonbirdie.]

Title: The Lucky Ones

Author: winnywriter (winnywriter on tumblr)

Artist: moonbirdie (quercusrubra on tumblr)

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel/p>

Word count: 42k

Rating: R

Genres and tropes: Roadtrip

Warnings: Underage drinking, drugs (mostly past), panic attacks

Summary: Sam is running away. Running from his past, from his future, from everything that seems to be going wrong in his life. It seems like all he has to look forward to are long stretches of road and desert in front of him. That is until a stranger in a beat up old pickup truck stops on the side of the road and asks him if he needs a ride.

Link to art.


[“Title”: 33k, NC17, Sam/Gabriel, saybriel, saeadame, & trickstergabrie.]

Title: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Author: saybriel

Artists: saeadame (saeadame/simbeline on tumblr); and trickstergabrie (tricksterangelgabriel on tumblr)

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel

Word count: 33k

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Mentions of PTSD, slight gore

Summary: Sam and Gabriel have a strange relationship. Because he is Sam’s ‘hired snuggler,’ Gabriel spends a lot of time in Sam’s bed, but not in the context he’d prefer. Being a professional, Gabriel decides that he needs to cut back how much of his time he spends with Sam, just as the lawyer starts to show more interest in him.

Link to art by saeadame / art by tricksterangelgabriel.


[“French Toast and Psychosis”: 24k, PG, Dean/Gabriel, darth_firefly & kidezt.]

Title: French Toast and Psychosis (or read it on AO3)

Author: darth_firefly (bluetoast on AO3)

Artist: kidezt (sassypancakes on tumblr)

Pairing: Dean/Gabriel, mentions of Sam/Bela

Word count: 24k

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Mentions of child abuse (not graphic), cancer

Summary: It was just supposed to be a weekend get-away. Doctor Gabriel Armstrong was looking forward to his semi-annual weekend off to de-stress from his job as a psychiatrist. He certainly wasn’t looking for a weekend fling. Dean Winchester has been doing a good job of hiding his burn-out from running his diner and taking care of his brother Sam, who’s battling leukemia. He was sent off for the weekend, kicking and screaming. He definitely wasn’t looking for anything out of the weekend other than a nice massage. What neither of them know is that they’re already connected - by one of Gabriel’s patients, Emma Crowe.

Link to art.


[“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”: 17k, M, Sam/Jess/Gabriel, hey_mister_dj & nrwendt.]

Title: Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

Author: hey_mister_dj (thnksfrthwilliam on AO3, queerbriel on tumblr)

Artist: nrwendt (queerpanic on tumblr)

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel/Jess

Word count: 17k

Rating: M

Warnings: Underage drinking

Summary: Sam and Jess are the all-American Power Couple on campus. Gabriel is a Gatsby-esque playboy. They meet at a party and there’s a spark that none of them were expecting. What blooms from that meeting is something more than they could have predicted, but they’re all incredibly happy with the outcome.

Link to art.


[“Mr Speight”: 47k, M, Sam/Richard, lilithrain & necrora.]

Title: Mr Speight

Author: lilithrain

Artist: necrora

Pairing: Sam/Richard

Word count: 47k

Rating: M

Genres / tropes / warnings: Foreign languages, swearing, possession, angels, vandalism, bullying, epilepsy, abandonment issues, family issues, running away, stress, unrequited love, heartbreak, visions, fights, comedy, pranks, tricksters (inferred).

Summary: Richard’s life is far from ordinary, even if he is just a high school teacher and maths tutor on the face of it. But for those who know him however, Richard is much more than that. Oppa, big brother, family. Growing up in two technical families gets even more interesting and complicated as Richard finds out when your surrogate baby sister gets big brothers of her own. More than him to just worry over her, especially when she runs away from home, or more drives away. The soundtrack to his story just got a whole lot more chaotic, especially when Sam Winchester is in his life.

Link to art.


[“The Theory of Silence and Storms”: 101k, NC17, Dean/Gabriel, natt & mothandstars.]

Title: The Theory of Silence and Storms

Author: natt (lysanatt on tumblr)

Artist: mothandstars (themothandthestars on tumblr)

Pairing: Gabriel/Dean, Sam/Lucifer, past Ion/Gabriel

Word count:101k

Rating: NC17 (with NSFW art)

Genres and tropes: AU, romance, future!fic, bdsm

Warnings: Spoiler-free. Art is not work safe. The kinky stuff: safe-sane-consensual BDSM, D/s, bondage, power-play, piercings (no blood or bloodplay), exhibitionism, voyeurism, sounding. The unpleasant stuff: angst, slavery/loss of personhood (no dub/non-con), minor character death, canon-typical violence.

Summary: Since the High Lord and his children took over Earth a century ago, winning the Cage has been the fast lane to fame and fortune for the champion. Defeat is not as pleasant: the loser is sold to the highest bidder. Of course Dean had to try. And to be honest, Dean thought that he would be the one on the podium after the last fight. Instead he is kneeling in the dirt, battered and bruised, the Lords and Ladies of North America fighting to buy him.

Link to art (nsfw!).


[“Pines in Winter”: 15k, PG, gen, dragons_muse & luorescence.]

Title: Pines in Winter

Author: dragons_muse (dragonmuse on tumblr)

Artist: luorescence (paper-luo on tumblr)

Pairing: Gen

Word count: 15k

Rating: PG

Genres and tropes: Kidfic, human AU

Warnings: None.

Summary: Gabriel hadn't meant to add kidnapping to his long list of crimes, but there was a boy with a black eye and a knife. Some things were just meant to be.

Link to art.


[“That's the way the cookie crumbles”: 23k, PG, Gabriel/Sam, nileflood & velocitym1.]

Title: That's the way the cookie crumbles

Author: nileflood (dont-blink-get-the-speight on tumblr)

Artist: velocitym1 (litrastoriesandsounds on tumblr)

Pairing: Gabriel/Sam preslash, past Gabriel/Kali, Dean/Castiel

Word count: 23k

Rating: PG

Genres and tropes: Murder Mystery AU, based on the show Castle, police procedural- we wear sunglasses at night

Warnings: Death of minor characters, violence towards main characters, danger

Summary: Gabriel Tricksler is a successful crime author with everything going for him. He's got a great publisher behind him, several best-sellers under his belt and now Hollywood wants to make his books into a blockbuster. Life couldn't get much better. Well, he could find some motivation to write. Luckily for him, or maybe not as it turns out, a body is discovered at one of his charity events, and the investigating officer is none other than Sam Wesson, one of the city's best homicide investigators and perfect inspiration. He's not so keen on working side-by-side with Gabriel Tricksler, but his Chief makes sure he has no choice in the matter. Of course, when Gabriel manages to literally stumble over a second corpse, Sam starts to suspect that Gabriel is more involved than he's letting on.

Link to art and to podfic.


[“Lost Promises and Broken Dreams”: 21k, R, Castiel/Gabriel, glenavera & h4ppy_fun_b4ll.]

Title: Lost Promises and Broken Dreams

Author: glenavera (glenavera on tumblr, Leya on AO3)

Artist: h4ppy_fun_b4ll (happyfunballxd on tumblr)

Pairing: Castiel/Gabriel

Word count: 21k

Rating: R

Genres and tropes: Canon divergent

Warnings: Major character death, wing-rape

Summary: After leaving heaven Gabriel always thought that there was absolutely nothing that could make him choose a side. He was wrong.

Link to art.


And the honorary sort-of-big-bang:

[“Your kind prison”: 30k, NC17, Gabriel/Sam and Gabriel/Dean, whit-merule.]

Title: Your kind prison

Author: whit_merule (whitmerule on tumblr)

Artist: No art, sadly. But written for a prompt by natt (lysanatt on tumblr).

Pairing: Gabriel/Dean (one-off hookup), Gabriel/Sam (endgame), Dean/Castiel, implied Charlie/Sefkhet

Word count: 30k

Rating: NC17

Genres and tropes: Canon divergent (coda to season 8), fallen angels, reclaiming Heaven from Metatron, genderqueer character, manhandling/rough sex, archangels, biblical reinterpretation, BAMF Castiel and Gabriel, vessel!fic (consensual temporary possession)

Warnings: Some spoilers for season 9 (character names only); mild dubcon of the 'sex while disguised' kind; angelic possession; rough sex and manhandling

Summary: Humans talk of the Fall as if it were one finite event, one story alone. But Lucifer was not the only archangel to fall. Each of them fell, one by one, in their own way. Some of them fell many times. And now the sky is full of falling stars, falling angels. The last archangel watches them fall, and has to make a choice between continuing as he is and learning - teaching all of them - to write a new own story, to set against Metatron’s.
“Cute,” Gabriel rapped out in Enochian. “You’ve got demons. Battle stations, guys.”
He took a moment to be shocked at how easily the general’s voice came back to him - at how lethargic uncomprehending Malon was on his feet and standing to attention in a moment, and Castiel’s sleepiness vanished like it had never been there - then he was tossing the knife to Ezekiel, drawing his own sword out of nowhere and holding it out hilt-first to Castiel.

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