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Big Bang - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I make art as well as do a story?
Not at this time. However, you can sign up to be an artist pinch-hitter and do a story. Also, since art sign ups close the day that rough drafts are due, you can sign up to be an artist if you don't get your story completed.

2. What about the support people? Can I sign up to do both a story or art and be a beta?
This is definitely okay, but you aren't allowed to be the beta for your own story. ;)

3. If I finish it, can I submit a WIP I've been posting in my journal?
No. No part of your story can be posted anywhere on the web prior to your assigned posting date. You may finish something you've been working on and only sharing with alpha/beta readers.

4. Can I submit a sequel to a story I've already posted?
Yes, so long as the new story can stand on it's own.

5. Are crossovers allowed?
Yes, so long as the story focuses on Gabriel as portrayed in Supernatural. And this does, of course, include RPS. ;)

6. Can a story be an AU?
Yes, but it still has to focus on Gabriel as he's portrayed in Supernatural.

7. Can I write a pairing that does not include Gabriel?
Yes, so long as Gabriel is the main focus of the story. A story where Gabriel works to get Raphael and Michael to admit their everlasting love for each other is okay, so long as the focus of the story is Gabriel working to get them together. A story that focuses solely on Sam and Dean and Gabriel swoops in at the last minute to save the day is not.

8. Can I use original characters?
Yes, but remember that the story must focus on Gabriel. (Are you sick of that phrase yet?)

9. Can an author turn in more than one story?
No. Only one story per author.

10. Can writers collaborate on a story?
Absolutely, but you can still only write one story, either on your own, or as part of a collaboration.

11. Is there a word limit for the first draft?
No. So long as the story is complete (has a beginning, body, and definitive ending) and at least 15,000 words, there is no upper limit.

12. Can an artist do more than one piece of art?
An artist can do as many pieces of art for their assigned stories as they want.

13. Is there a size limit on art?
No. As long as it meets the minimum requirements and you can post it in your live journal or on your website, you're good.

14. Do fan mixes count as art?
No. You must do a piece of graphic art (original illustration, photo manip, etc.) or vid for your story. If the author does not have a fanmix or soundtrack picked out, you may do one in addition to your other art.

15. Can I post a soundtrack for my story?
Yes, please! :D However, any posted cover art must come from your artist, at least until the end of the big bang posting period.

16. Can I post art that I or someone other than my artist has done when I post my story?
No. Not before the end of the posting period. The point of this challenge is for the writer and the artist to collaborate.

17. Can I give my artist direction on the art?
We encourage discussion between artists and authors, but the final call on all art produced is ultimately up to the artist, just as the final call on all writing is up to the author. Authors may request things like icons or dividers that will make posting easier, but the artist is not required to provide these.

18. Can I turn my story in before January 31?
Please! Send an email with your story as an attached file (please, no stories should be submitted in the body of the e-mail!) to

19. I’d rather f-lock my big bang story. Can I?
No. The point of this challenge is to share your stories. They must be posted unlocked and remain so.

20. Can I do a remix of another person's story if it hasn't been posted before, won't be a WIP, etc.?
No. This story needs to be unique to you.

21. What happens if I miss a deadline?
You will be given 24 hours to contact us with the reason, and an additional 48 hours from that point to submit whatever is due at that time. If at that point we still have not received what is due, you will be disqualified from the challenge.

22. I'm not going to be able to complete my art in time. What do I do?
Please contact the mods the moment you realize you will have to withdraw from the exchange so that we can assign a pinch-hitter!

23. Am I required to use one of the alphas/betas from the sign-ups here?
No. If you have someone you already use to alpha or beta your stories, you are more than welcome to use them for this challenge as well.

24. Will you be archiving the Big Bang submissions anywhere?
At the end of the challenge, there will be a Master List comprised of every enrty, with links to both stories and artwork, but we will not be doing a separate archive. ;)

If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please comment to this post and we will answer as quickly as possible!
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